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Employee Spotlight: Danielle ‘Dany’ Plugge

Each month, CDR features a spotlight of one of our employees. This month, we are highlighting Account Coordinator, Danielle ‘Dany’ Plugge.

What is your favorite thing about working at CDR? CDR employees are always helpful, kind and fun to be around.

Who do you donate to or volunteer with? My old elementary school is a Charter Montessori School that is highly underfunded, but exceptionally over performing. I volunteer there often as a big sister and an Alumni.

Describe yourself in five #Hashtags. #handson #letsmaketheworldabetterplace #dyslexiclove #mindbodyharmony #ilovemyfamily

Where was the last place you traveled (for fun or for work)? Texas to see my grandparents.

Where is one city or country you would love to visit? Morocco, so I can (maybe more then) brush up on my Arabic.

What keeps you motivated? Self-competition, if I can make myself a game out of my work I flourish.

What was your first job and what did it teach you? I was a ranch hand at a chicken farm. I was taught to care for animals and how to work hard, but perhaps the most valuable lesson that wasn’t exactly taught, was how to deal with sexism in employment. Often, I had to stand up for myself as a fully capable human being to my boss who thought it was inappropriate for women to do certain tasks. However, I believe that my efforts somewhat changed her views and made me more prepared for the future.

Past, present, or future, who would you like to have a conversation with? … why? The first female president, I would want to know what her experience is and how she got to where she is.

Tell us about your pets? I have a Beagle named Lulu, she is 2. I got her in college and she is my best friend. She doesn’t like people or dogs she doesn’t know, but she very sweet to her friends. Her hobbies include barking at squirrels, sneaking onto the people bed, and she will go crazy over a tennis ball.

What is your dream car? A car that runs on solar power



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