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New to Direct Marketing? Here Are Six Things You Should Know

The world of direct marketing is rich with information—so much so that someone who is new to the industry can be easily overwhelmed. With so many different facets, it would be nearly impossible to quickly grasp all the available information if one tried. So, in an effort to help direct-marketing newbies, we’ve put together some quick, practical tips. 

1. Not all best practices are universal. What works really well for one organization may not work at all for another organization, so it’s important to always test before rolling out with a new idea.

2. It’s often believed that non-premium acquired donors are “better” donors in the long term, but sometimes premium-acquired donors can have a higher net revenue long term as a result of the higher number of new joins.

3. Packages that include mission-related engagement (such as a survey, a petition, or an opportunity to write a handwritten note for a child) can be a good tool for raising response rate.

4. Mid-level donors (generally, donors who give somewhere between $500‒$10,000) don’t just require a fancier envelope. They need to be addressed differently as well. It’s important to create a strong case for giving, specifically define the solution, and position them at the center of the solution by inviting them to invest.

5. For higher-dollar donors, add more cultivation efforts to their communication schedule rather than having every touch be a fundraising ask. Some examples of this could include a letter from the CEO, impact reports, insider phone briefings, handwritten notes, invitations to events, volunteer opportunities, surveys, and calls to check in with the donor.

6. It’s important to reach donors where they are, not where you want them to be. By messaging donors through multiple channels and delivering them higher-level encounters in channels they have responded through previously, you can meet them where they are and encourage increased response.

While there is so much more to know than just these six tips, we hope they’ll help you along your journey to becoming a direct marketing expert. Should you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us at contact@cdrfg. We’d love to assist you.



Rachel Norjen

Account Coordinator

Olivia Mensah-Dzraku

Marketing Assistant