Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement of Purpose

We are of many different faiths, backgrounds, and core truths. Yet we all believe a life of purpose and service to one another provides deep satisfaction. We live this in our work, where we respect our common humanity and our diverse experiences which make us stronger together. We all benefit when varied voices speak, lead, and are valued. When we value diverse viewpoints and people, we earn the best talent, imagine the best innovations, and deliver the best results to everyone.

We will accomplish this through these 5 Pillars of Success:

1. People

Our employees will experience dignity, fairness, and respect from each other. They will also express that same dignity, fairness, and respect for other employees at all times.

2. Organization

We will fuel our clients’ growth with a continually more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization and ecosystem.

3. Clients

Our passion for our clients’ success means we will enlist diverse supporters in the service of their missions. We will also present their stories equitably.

4. Partners

We will engage our partners to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion through necessary conversations around mutually beneficial policies and practices. We ask them to do likewise with us.

5. Community

We work to raise the bar for our industry through our quality and innovation; so too will we work to lead our industry for diversity, equity, and inclusion.