Nonprofit organizations are earning more fundraising revenue online than ever before, and donors are interacting, engaging, and donating online with higher average gifts than other channels. Digital media often supports other direct response channels, namely direct mail, and many new donors who are acquired online subsequently give through additional channels. Our expertise across email marketing, digital advertising, web development, digital analytics, and social media in the nonprofit market is unmatched. With over 15 years of digital experience, our time-tested fundraising strategies and creative skills are integrated across all technologies, seamlessly, transparently, and cost-effectively. We provide real-time reporting and optimization, which allow us to better identify new opportunities for donor involvement and expand the demographic reach for our clients.

Our digital services include:

  • Creating a multichannel, integrated fundraising plan
  • Designing creative art and engaging copy for messages
  • Composing, testing, and launching email campaigns for donor stewardship and engagement
  • Producing and managing video and digital advertising campaigns
  • Creating and managing both paid and organic social media campaigns
  • Using digital acquisition to continually grow your email file
  • Monitoring and optimizing your SEO presence
  • Using comprehensive digital analytics to understand and improve online performance
  • Managing Google Grants and search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Conducting website and social media audits and strategy sessions
  • Programmatic media buying

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